Seattle By Night

Session 4
XP: 4 Practical XP: 10

The gang gathered together at the Wild Tortoise before going out to investigate the washelli cemetery and make an ambush for Dr. Harmon.
After calling up assistance from Alex, the group was happy he brought along another helper who chose not to interact with the group.
Spotting the Doctor once again at his wife’s grave, the group sprang into action and attacked. Unfortunately, as the skirmish wore on, a number of reinforcements arrived and overwhelmed some members of the party. Garret was hypnotised, while Declan, Lisa, and Phos suffered heavy injuries. After being carried to safety by Alex, Phos spent a number of days in the hospital while the group analyzed Harmon’s body.
They found a business card from Revelation Networks with a strange map on the back. Utilizing her hacking skills, Mckenzie discovered that Revelation Networks was a shell company with holdings in the Seattle area.
- The NOAA campus near Warren G Magnussen park
- A house on the water in Eastlake, across from Gasworks Park.
- A small warehouse space near the Boeing Campus in Renton.

The group decided to recuperate before investigating, and were disheartened to learn that Black did not intend to give them further assistance at this time.

Session 3
XP: 5 Practical XP: 4

Lisa was sadly absent this session, having been laid out by the recent listeria outbreak.

Garrett received word back from his mentor about the symbols and suggested the group try to speak to Professor Daniel P Harmon at UW.

The group decided to look into Dr. Harmon and journeyed to his office. They discovered the professor had been gone for2 months, and someone had been searching his office. They find some papers that were hidden dealing with a rune for gathering or raising power.

The group met one of his colleagues, Dr. Laura Hopkins , who was quite curious about the group. Garrett did not like her one bit so the group decides to leave, until Dr. Hopkins mentions another group dressed in nice suits had been looking for the professor. She gives the group a phone number that the suit individuals were using.

Utilizing everyone’s hacking skills the groups decide the call the number and speak with a voice on the other line. Identifying himself as “Stan”, Declan arranges a meetup at Mercantile Bar .

Alex greets them curtly at the bar and asks what information the group has uncovered. The two parties share information rather openly and Alex tells the group to return after last call. The group returns at the appointed time and meets with Marion Black who doesn’t even try to hide his vampiric condition.

Black suggests a temporary truce with the group to assist in dealing with a new problem. The recent murders were, in fact, caused by Daniel Harmon and that the monster they fought were his spawn from these attacks. Black further informs them that Harmon’s wife died earlier in the year and that the murders so far fit a pattern of a rune of power on the map of Seattle centered at the nearby Washelli cemetery. They also discover that Harmon’s wife is interred there.

The group begins looking for Dr Harmon, and uncover large transfers of money to his account from an organization called “Revelation Networks” based out of the UAE.

The gang heads to the cemetery and discovers a small divot of earth by Mrs Harmon’s grave holding small tchotchkies and keys and such from each of the dead bodies the group has been investigating. They continue to investigate until the evening when they encounter another one of the emaciated vampire creatures.

Declan is injured in the attack, but the group decides to take it easy for a bit while Wade decapitates the corpse in their freezer. The group decides to seek more answers from Dr. Hopkins, who is unable to offer too much insight into what is going on and can hardly believe Dr. Harmon to be violent. She does recognize the shape the murders made on the map to be a Clavicula Nox, an ancient symbol of power. Some members of the team are shocked that a colleague would show concern for someone who had not been heard from for 2 months.

The group surveils the cemetery again after learning that there was another murder in the area. They see someone at the grave and call in Alex to attempt to ambush them once they recognize it as Dr Harmon. Declan attempts to speak with Harmon but he is unresponsive and doesn’t blink or breathe. They decide to attack until Harmon meets eyes with Declan and simply says “Walk Home”, so Declan starts walking away.

Beating a tactical retreat, the group leaves and meets back up at the Wild Tortoise. It takes Declan a few minutes to shake off the strange influence, but he fully recovers. They all decide to plan an ambush for the next night..

Session 2
XP: 4 Practical XP: 6

The group began investigating the photo taken of strange ritualistic markings.

Wade recognized the symbols as being a part of the zionist conspiracy to control our government and everywhere.
The rest of the group dismisses his crazed beliefs, but is unable to fully figure it out. Garrett thinks to ask his occult mentor Alton Long in England for some help, but his response will take some time. Garrett does learn on his own that the symbols are to do with longevity and life sustaining magics.

Phos did some analysis of the goo they recovered from the creature and discovered multiple sets of human DNA in the sample. Many chromosomes were in triplicate or more.

They received more information about a new murder that occurred in Mineral Springs park, the body had a strange incision marks on its side and was missing a lot of blood. The group decides to investigate and stumbles upon a new mystery of multiple murders happening in the area.

Over a few days the group managed to fight and kill a strange emaciated vampiric creature with strange teeth. Declan went into a strange rage during the combat and was confused.

Further investigations, including traveling to the various morgues, revealed that the bodies of the recent murder victims had disappeared without a trace. They then encounter a fresh 0murder scene and are confused by some of the tracks left behind. There were 1 set (not including the victim) traveling to the location of the body, and then 2 sets leaving.

Thinking quickly, the group forges up some documentation to have the latest body removed from the morgue and hides it in their safe house freezer. They do see some strange discoloration that is spreading thru the body, however, which causes concern.


Session 1
XP: 5 Practical XP: 5

The team met together for the first time and went over their backstories and character descriptions.

Wade received a strange tip about some recent murders near Beacon Hill in the south of Seattle. 4 people were dead with limbs torn off, nothing was stolen. As Wade consulted with Declan, Phos, and Mackenzie at the bar, Lisa learned some information online related to the case.

Mackenzie and Garret go to a morgue to find one of the bodies and examine it while Phos and Lisa investigate at another forensics lab. Wade and Declan decide to simply stay at the bar and hold the fort while everyone agrees to no visit the crime scene right away. The only witness statements they can find mention a man in a blue sweater with a limp.

Declan hears some rumors about a group of street toughs attacking homeless people. The Rizals, have claimed responsibility and are seeking out the man in the blue sweater.

The group heads to the crime scene to investigate the following afternoon and finds a strange bit of metal bar.
Phos, Mackenzie, Declan, and Wade decide to set a trap for the Rizals. Declan dresses appropriately and successfully manages to entice the group. A brief fight ensues with Phos infuriated at the audacity of a 17yr old kid to shoot her. The group subdues one of the gang and kidnaps him back to the Wild Tortoise.

Lisa and Garret meet the group there and are shocked at their behavior and loudly clamor for the boy to be released. Before they do so, he manages to tell the group that the man in the blue sweater killed a friend of theirs and that they think he has been seen in a neighborhood near The Jungle. Phos manages to science the metal and learns it is part of an interior sewage grate and is able to narrow down the location even better.

The group manages to summon the courage the track the blue sweater guy to an abandoned building and decide to step in and investigate. The group stalks into the basement and is surprised by the man in the blue sweater.

The man is no longer alive, however, its body is somehow deteriorating, melting, and gooey. They fight and manage to win the day. After damaging the creature enough its body begins to break down rapidly and the hunters manage to get a photo of the ritual tattoo and scarification on its back before it’s fully dissolved.

Character Creation Pt 2

Damien, Amy, and Jon came over to build their characters.
There was some time to explain the basics of how the game works, who their characters are, and what they are up to.
Damien and Amy, having never played anything before, received a bit of a heads up on how the game works, and also chose to make their characters siblings.
Jon made himself a bouncer and focused a lot of his efforts into making a beat stick.

Character Creation
Siblings are created

Members of the Cell gathered at the appointed meeting place to design their characters and begin crafting their backstories.

The first two completed were Lisa and Wade who decided to make their characters squabbling siblings who share ownership of the old family house to serve as a Safehouse for the Cell.

The others are still finishing their characters and we shall see what develops


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