Seattle By Night

Session 4

XP: 4 Practical XP: 10

The gang gathered together at the Wild Tortoise before going out to investigate the washelli cemetery and make an ambush for Dr. Harmon.
After calling up assistance from Alex, the group was happy he brought along another helper who chose not to interact with the group.
Spotting the Doctor once again at his wife’s grave, the group sprang into action and attacked. Unfortunately, as the skirmish wore on, a number of reinforcements arrived and overwhelmed some members of the party. Garret was hypnotised, while Declan, Lisa, and Phos suffered heavy injuries. After being carried to safety by Alex, Phos spent a number of days in the hospital while the group analyzed Harmon’s body.
They found a business card from Revelation Networks with a strange map on the back. Utilizing her hacking skills, Mckenzie discovered that Revelation Networks was a shell company with holdings in the Seattle area.
- The NOAA campus near Warren G Magnussen park
- A house on the water in Eastlake, across from Gasworks Park.
- A small warehouse space near the Boeing Campus in Renton.

The group decided to recuperate before investigating, and were disheartened to learn that Black did not intend to give them further assistance at this time.



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