Seattle By Night

Session 2

XP: 4 Practical XP: 6

The group began investigating the photo taken of strange ritualistic markings.

Wade recognized the symbols as being a part of the zionist conspiracy to control our government and everywhere.
The rest of the group dismisses his crazed beliefs, but is unable to fully figure it out. Garrett thinks to ask his occult mentor Alton Long in England for some help, but his response will take some time. Garrett does learn on his own that the symbols are to do with longevity and life sustaining magics.

Phos did some analysis of the goo they recovered from the creature and discovered multiple sets of human DNA in the sample. Many chromosomes were in triplicate or more.

They received more information about a new murder that occurred in Mineral Springs park, the body had a strange incision marks on its side and was missing a lot of blood. The group decides to investigate and stumbles upon a new mystery of multiple murders happening in the area.

Over a few days the group managed to fight and kill a strange emaciated vampiric creature with strange teeth. Declan went into a strange rage during the combat and was confused.

Further investigations, including traveling to the various morgues, revealed that the bodies of the recent murder victims had disappeared without a trace. They then encounter a fresh 0murder scene and are confused by some of the tracks left behind. There were 1 set (not including the victim) traveling to the location of the body, and then 2 sets leaving.

Thinking quickly, the group forges up some documentation to have the latest body removed from the morgue and hides it in their safe house freezer. They do see some strange discoloration that is spreading thru the body, however, which causes concern.




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