Seattle By Night

Session 1

XP: 5 Practical XP: 5

The team met together for the first time and went over their backstories and character descriptions.

Wade received a strange tip about some recent murders near Beacon Hill in the south of Seattle. 4 people were dead with limbs torn off, nothing was stolen. As Wade consulted with Declan, Phos, and Mackenzie at the bar, Lisa learned some information online related to the case.

Mackenzie and Garret go to a morgue to find one of the bodies and examine it while Phos and Lisa investigate at another forensics lab. Wade and Declan decide to simply stay at the bar and hold the fort while everyone agrees to no visit the crime scene right away. The only witness statements they can find mention a man in a blue sweater with a limp.

Declan hears some rumors about a group of street toughs attacking homeless people. The Rizals, have claimed responsibility and are seeking out the man in the blue sweater.

The group heads to the crime scene to investigate the following afternoon and finds a strange bit of metal bar.
Phos, Mackenzie, Declan, and Wade decide to set a trap for the Rizals. Declan dresses appropriately and successfully manages to entice the group. A brief fight ensues with Phos infuriated at the audacity of a 17yr old kid to shoot her. The group subdues one of the gang and kidnaps him back to the Wild Tortoise.

Lisa and Garret meet the group there and are shocked at their behavior and loudly clamor for the boy to be released. Before they do so, he manages to tell the group that the man in the blue sweater killed a friend of theirs and that they think he has been seen in a neighborhood near The Jungle. Phos manages to science the metal and learns it is part of an interior sewage grate and is able to narrow down the location even better.

The group manages to summon the courage the track the blue sweater guy to an abandoned building and decide to step in and investigate. The group stalks into the basement and is surprised by the man in the blue sweater.

The man is no longer alive, however, its body is somehow deteriorating, melting, and gooey. They fight and manage to win the day. After damaging the creature enough its body begins to break down rapidly and the hunters manage to get a photo of the ritual tattoo and scarification on its back before it’s fully dissolved.



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